Thuya homeopathy

Thuya homeopathy

Characteristics of the Thuya

Thuya is a characteristic shrub of America, China and Japan. A large diffusion took place in the area of ​​the great North American lakes where it found its ideal habitat. The shape varies according to the area of ​​origin. The leaves are thin and branched scales on which woody cones sprout. The word Thuya means incense and refers to the typical smell emanating from its wood. This genus of plant includes tree species that can reach heights of about 20 meters. The soils suitable for its development are acidic ones with medium sun exposure. No fertilization is required. In America it is called Arbovitae which means tree of life. The discovery of its beneficial properties gave birth to Thuya homeopathy. A field that studies the plant and its possible applications.

Mother tincture of Thuya

The mother tincture of Thuya homeopathy is a natural product that is obtained with a simple process of infusion in alcohol. The leaves are harvested from one year old plants in the summer. Ideal period is the end of June. Then, they are immersed in alcohol and left to macerate. However, the product is distributed by herbalists and specialized shops. The application must be done locally. The use against warts has given extraordinary results. The advice is to treat the skin blemish with garlic for a couple of days and only after passing the mother tincture of Thuya. The constant application allows the cellular exchange of the skin with the falling of the annoying warts. They are often contracted in swimming pools where people walk barefoot and hygiene conditions are underestimated.

Property of Thuya Occidentalis

The properties of Thuya homeopathy are not limited only to the treatment of skin problems. The fields of application are innumerable. Symptoms related to anxiety, depression, mood instability make the person less inclined to interpersonal relationships. Taking Thuya in drops or granules allows you to find the perfect balance of the senses. Headaches and migraines that make sleep unstable are remedied by taking drops. States of irritability, low concentration and dysfunction of the menstrual cycle require the intake of Thuya. The dosage depends on the severity of the symptom and is subjective. The herbalist's advice is essential to benefit from the treatment. The results will not be long in coming. Homeopathy is a valid alternative to medicines especially when there are intolerances and allergies to certain active ingredients they contain.

Thuya homeopathy: Characteristics of the Thuya subject

The subject in need of treatment with Thuya homeopathy is known by some characters in particular. Intolerance, irritability and mood swings lead to problems for the organism. The mind, before the body, becomes ill with negative thoughts. In fact, the physical ailment is not the origin but the consequence. When a thought makes us nervous, stomach cramps occur, bringing with it diarrhea and vomiting. Thuya has the ability to act on the nervous system by regulating certain processes. Taking granules or drops in the evening before bed allows you to rebalance your mood. A restful sleep will show reality from a completely different perspective. The typical person makes statements such as "I'm afraid of falling", "My legs don't move", "I'm sweating cold". The homeopathic remedy is particularly suitable for students before taking an exam and for those who need to have a job interview.

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